Dasha Ross

I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am an advocate for a fresh whole foods diet, daily movement, decluttered lifestyle and attainable goal-setting to help you live your dream life. With a life-long passion for health and fitness, I am dedicated to helping my clients find a happy life balance and become the greatest version of themselves.

I am committed to truthful, ethical and responsible coaching methods.  I believe in the power of science and strive to only offer services with a sound foundation in proven nutrition, physiology and behavioral research. I am deeply optimistic about people and their capacity to learn and achieve, and I see my role as helping to unlock that potential.

Individuals who follow my program correctly, consistently and comprehensively will get results. I endeavor to inform when medical conditions, medications or other circumstances are likely to impact the outcome.

Balance – Nutrition Beauty Life will always offer the best available pricing including promotions, special give-aways and benefits that may be available. Prior to purchase, the billing terms associated with the program will be clearly displayed including discounts or finance charges, shipping and handling charges, membership fees and any recurring or installment payments that require any duration of commitment, and/or require cancellation by the client after purchasing in order to avoid such charges.

Balance – Nutrition Beauty Life does not resell, trade or share data with any third party organization for commercial use, including solicitation for other services or products. Members and prospective members can always opt out of email communications with me online.



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